Marriages That Work: I choOse Him, I choOse Her

If you've been married for any length of time, you've probably come to the one common conclusion that all couples reach: marriage takes work. It's an irony that we are taught throughout our youth of the "happily ever after," but seldom we hear how "happily ever after" is not a destination, but a process wrought from communication, understanding, empathy, determination, and desire. In short, marriage is hard work.

Sabra and Cliff Dyas teach couples how to do the work of creating a successful marriage rooted in Biblical principles. It's not a trite teaching with Scriptural platitudes. It's real, sometimes raw, and always honest. In other words, it's just like real life. The theme for the conferences, "I Choose Him, I Choose Her," is taken from the true meaning of love. They realize love is a choice we make every day. Love is the greatest need we have and marriage helps fulfill that desire. 

We believe marriages take lots of work. Many of us grow weary in trying. We designed a conference for those who would like to spend some time working on their marriage. This conference will help strengthen your view on love.  

You and your spouse will spend time time together discussing some of life's most important issues...yourselves.


marriage retreatThey said “I do” thirty-two years ago and keep saying it every day. Cliff and Sabra are high school sweethearts, and they now have four wonderful children and currently reside in Iowa.

They believe in marriage and family—though there have been many trials along the way, they desire that God will use their experiences to help others and see the true meaning of love restored in marriages across the globe. Love has kept moving them even when they wanted to give up. Though they have heard many say that people can fall out of love with one another, Sabra and Cliff have learned that you do not fall out of love, you walk away from love. They celebrate the way God restored their marriage and kept them together when they wanted to walk away. Love is a sacrifice, and they learn each day what it means to give of yourself and the joy you receive when you give.

Cliff works as a facility director for Wesley Life and Sabra is the president and founder of Main Street Ministries. They work together and both stand firmly in the ministry of Main Street. They stand on Main Street living their faith at home, work, and play, and they have been called to empower others to do the same. They will encourage and inspire you to move with the Spirit as He leads. Their prayer is for you to walk away filled with more courage and to stand in love so people around the globe can see glimpses of God everywhere they go. 



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Marriages that Work Conference    SAMPLE 

Start   End   Activity
7:30   8:00   Dessert and Fellowship
8:00   9:00   The Story of Cliff and Sabra
8:00   8:30   Welcome/Worship, 
8:30   9:30   Session 1: Love Redefined - What Does Love Really Mean? Sabra Dyas
9:30   10:00   Now What? Couples Breakout Session I
10:00   11:00   Session 2: Fighting the Good Fight - How to Argue. Cliff Dyas
11:00   11:30   Now What? Couples Breakout Session II 
11:30   12:15   Picnic Lunch with Spouse
12:15   12:30   Worship 
12:30   1:30   Session 3: The Sex Talk. Defining Love in Your Lovemaking. Sabra Dyas
1:30   2:00   Couples Breakout Session III
2:00   3:00    Session 4 Communication: Being Real with Each Other, Cliff and Sabra Dyas 
3:00   3:30   Couples Breakout Session IV
3:30   4:15   Session 5: The Will to Make it Work. The Power at Work. Sabra Dyas
4:15   4:45   Couples Breakout Session V
4:45   5:00   Closing and Prayer. Cliff and Sabra



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