Faith Leader Training

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Main Street Ministries develops leaders of faith for the workplace.


Total Woman

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Main Street Ministries understands the unique challenges that women face.


Video Break Time


Awesome Business Practice #3 Being Real 

Course 101: Wisdom and Guidance


Learning to Hear God's Voice in a noisy world. 

Passion and Purpose

Ignite your Passion, Find Your Purpose 

Jesus lived a life with equal measure of passion and purpose- the perfect balance to do the perfect work that His Father set before Him. You too have a work that God has designed for you. Are you ready to unravel the mystery? Have you found your purpose? Have you ignited with your passion? Until you do, you will always be something less what God has designed you to be. This book will help you discover your purpose and ignite the passion that will drive you to realize the epic story God has written for you.  Order Yours Today  


Girl Talk: Connecting the Heart of Woman to the Heart of God

Let’s talk it out.
There are few things more productive than girl talk. It’s more than a conversation, it’s a connection—a merging of the heart, the mind, and the soul. This book is about how those connections can reveal an even deeper connection, the one between us and Jesus. He created us as women, crafting our hearts and making us the unique beings we are. No one knows our heart better than the one who created us. So let’s get the conversation started and see what we can learn about Jesus .Order yours Today 


Hearing God as a Teen 

Are YOU Listening: 

Its a DANGEROUS TIME, LISTEN WISELY.   There is perhaps no more critical time to learn to listen to the voice of God than when you are a teen. Standing on the precipice of adulthood, your entire life before you, it's a true crossroads. God is speaking can you hear him?   Order Yours Today

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