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The next semester begins on January 2, 2024 

Our course curriculum builds upon itself and is designed to be taken in Phases, ordered 1 through 3. Additionally, asterisks denote courses required to advance into the next phase. 


Hearing God: (Spiritual Formation) 2C- This subject will teach learning to quiet the loudness of the world and become more aware of hearing the voice of God. 

Inductive Bible Study: 3C- Approaching the Bible and learning to hear what the Word is trying to show and teach. We will learn the technique of inductive study through the book of Mark. 

The Life of David: ( Biblical Studies I Samuel, II Samuel ) 3C- Being the man after God’s own heart, we will learn from him how to approach God. We will research the heart of David and allow God to expose our own.


Passion and Purpose: ( Spiritual Formation) 2C  – Jesus lived a life with an equal measure of passion and purpose-the perfect balance to do the perfect work that His Father set before Him. We will take a look at how He designed each of us. We do not start with personality profiles we start with the Word of God. 

Systematic Theology:  3C -God desires for us to know who He is, and knowing God takes effort. Everyone does theology, and what we believe about God lives out of us daily. We will grow in our knowledge of God and grow in understanding of how He desires to live through us. 

Defining Pastor: (Pastoral Studies) 3C- The idea of being a pastor in 2023 can be rather intimidating. This course trains and equips us with God’s perspective of pastoral leadership. Learn the skill and apply the knowledge in this practical course on pastoral theology. What does it take to become a pastor? How do I lead a congregation?  


Emotions at Work: ( Spiritual Formation) 2C- This course will discuss the importance of emotions and how the Bible teaches us to respond. This course will enlighten us on how to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us through our emotions to give Him glory.  Pre-Reciquist class- Hearing God  and Passion and Purpose 

Major Prophets:  (Bible Studies  Jeremiah and Isaiah) 3C- We will walk through these books living in the culture, politically, socially, and relationally learning from the prophets how to listen to God. 

Servant Leadership: (Leadership) 3C -Is this just a title of a nice thought, or can we really serve and lead simultaneously? Without a doubt, God has called us into serving, and by the example of washing feet, Jesus demonstrated. Get ready to be put to the test in servanthood.  


Love at Work: ( Spiritual Formation) 2C  Jesus speaks of love as the greatest commandment! This class will define the love Jesus is referring to in his Greatest commandment. This course will walk through the practical application of how to live out love. Prerequisites Hearing God, Passion and Purpose, and Emotions at Work 

Wesley Theology: 3C John Wesley was a radical reformer and a Spirit-filled servant. Let us learn from His thoughts and be empowered by his way.

Homiletics: 3C This course will discuss the art of preaching. What is the hearer of any audience ready to hear, and what can they wait to hear? How to communicate to engage the listener and allow the Bible to teach and reach people where they are.


*The Charge  The way God has gifted us will lead us into the fullness of service. The mystery of our charge will discuss our: character, heart, attitude, responsibility, giftedness, and experience. A fuller insight into who we are will unleash us into trusting the Spirit deeper in our call. 

Worship: (Biblical Studies) 3C Discovering the heart of worship. What is the purpose and significance of the worship of God?  The course will study worship as a way of life. A look at the tent of the meeting and its purpose and how it relates. Be prepared to have the heart of worship challenged. 

Letters of Paul: (Biblical Studies) 3C Examining the letters written by the Apostle Paul in the context of the day. The course will emphasize Paul's leadership and influence in his day. 


Christian Doctrine: (Doctrine) 3C Examining the great truths of the Christian faith. 

Youth Ministries: ( Pastoral Studies) 3C -A course intended to examine the culture of the youth and how to minister to the ever-changing realities of their day.

Church Growth (Church Studies) 3c- How do we define church health and growth? This class will examine the dynamics of church health and how we minister to the new believer. 

Evangelism - Evangelism is more than a word it is a way of life. Experience the Spirit’s power of daily living in awareness of the people God has surrounded you with.


Marriage and Family: ( Pastoral Care) 2C A deeper understanding of how the family holds a society together. A biblical view of how God intended for marriage and family to function in today's world.

Wisdom: (Biblical Studies) 3C A Study through the Book of Proverbs and how they relate to our daily business and life.

Pastoral Care: (Pastoral) 3C In an ever-changing world, how does a pastor bring hope and truth all at the same time?  We will examine the life of Jesus and the care he offered to all around him. We will look at the Gospels as our text for pastor care


Following the Heart of God: (Leadership) 3C - When we follow God, it becomes obvious by design that we are called to equip others for the works of Ministry.  This course will continue the process of equipping you to equip others. 

Worship as a Way of Life: (Worship) 3C- When we leave and say our goodbyes, worship will continue to be our way of life. We will do an intensive look at our hearts. 

Other Courses as Needed:

History and Polity of the Free Methodist Church: Grow in your understanding of the history of the Free Methodist Church. Be challenged by the passion of the FM church and how they intend on ministering in this century.

God’s Business: ( Leadership) 3C- This class will give insights into how to business God’s way at work and home. An overview of business ethics and morals. How to manage the resources God has given

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