Main Street Training Center 

Main Street is now offering classes to help you fulfill your calling. Our Ministry diploma is the perfect place to fulfill your training adventure. We will build a solid Biblical foundation and develop an open heart and ear to the Spirit. We will give plenty of opportunity for hands-on training through practical assignments. We believe in training from the inside out beginning at the heart and learning to become vulnerable and honest with the Spirit. This diploma will equip you to actively everyday live your faith no matter where you are.

                                                            What is the Goal?


The student will walk away with a ministry diploma

The student will have greater knowledge of God presence as they live their daily life

The student will have a greater increase of awareness of how God desires to work through them.

The student will be aware of the Spirit giftedness in their daily living.

The student will become increasingly aware of the needs around them and how to fulfill them.

The student will become more aware of how to empower others.

          Fulfilling God's Purpose

Have you felt like you want to know God more?

Do you desire to allow God to work through you more effectively?

Do you desire to become: 


Church planter

 More effective employer

More purposeful employee

Worship leader


Small group leader

Team Builder


On-Line Ministry


Youth Leader

Children's Leader

Next semester begins June 7, 2021

You can register for the following classes:

Hearing God- This subject will teach earning to quiet the loudness of the world and become more aware of hearing the voice of God.

Inductive Bible Study- Approaching the Bible and learning to hear what the Word is trying to show and teach. We will learn the technique of inductive study. 

The Life of David: Being the man after God’s own heart we will learn from him how to approach God. We will research into the heart of David and allow God to expose our own.

Passion and Purpose – Jesus lived a life with an equal measure of passion and purpose-the perfect balance to do the perfect work that His Father set before Him. We will take a look at how He designed each of us. We do not start with personality profiles we start with the Word of God.  Pre-requisite Hearing God 

Systematic Theology: God desires for us to know whom He is and knowing God takes effort. Everyone does theology and what we believe about God lives out of us every day. We will grow in our knowledge of God and grow in understanding of how He desires to live through us.

Defining Pastor- The idea of being a pastor in 2021 can be rather intimidating. This course trains and equips us from God’s perspective of pastoral leadership. Learn the skill and apply the knowledge in this practical course on pastoral theology. What does it take to become a pastor? How do I lead a congregation?

Emotions at Work: This course will discuss the importance of emotions and how the Bible teaches us to respond. This course will enlighten us on how to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us through our emotions to give Him glory.  Pre-requisite class- Hearing God and Passion and Purpose 


Spiritual Formation: The idea of growing closer to the Lord becomes a reality in this course. He has given us everything we need but coming into that knowledge takes practice. We will practice the presence of God and delight ourselves in His learning.  We will walk through the book of Philippians as we journey through the formation. We will spend time recognizing the privilege of prayer. 

Servant Leadership: Is this just a title of nice thought or can we really serve and lead simultaneously? Without a doubt, God has called us into serving, and by the example of washing feet, Jesus demonstrated. Get ready to be put to the test in servanthood.  


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