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those who say to me, "Aha! Aha! turn back because of their shame. Psalm 70:3

It would be awesome in this world when our accuser tries to attack us; they are filled with shame and turn their backs and run. IT would be amazing when sin tries to make itself look good shame turns it away. It would be delightful to live in a world where people loved each other to the place that they walk beside each other leading each other to the Lord.

But this could be heaven. Life isn't another Pollyanna movie; it is filled with sin and grief as a result. More and more, sin is becoming an acceptable way of life, and living for the Lord has become more about tolerance than true love. David couldn't stand in the presence of the evil that was pressing in around him—He didn't bow down and accept it –he called for the Lord to intervene.

What do we do when sin tries to capture our hearts? Do we bow and accept it as a part of life, or do we resist and call out for God to call down sha

me. It seems we don't want others to experience shame but only acceptance. It is time to call out to God for His ways to become more potent than accepting less than a holy way of living. God welcomes us through Jesus- He is the way, the truth, and the life.

Today in the Workplace

Have you bowed to sin?

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