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May he be like rain falling on a mown field, like showers watering the earth. Psalm 71:6

The nourishment that the Lord provides brings us growth for the season. When rain falls, it saturates the tired and weary vegetation. Without the showers, there would be no growth. The withered and stressed plant would soon fade from the lack of nourishment; it would eventually die.

Friends, we were created to be nourished by our Creator. We were designed to be dependent upon His fulfillment. There are signs when we begin to become less reliant upon His nourishment. Stress, anxiousness, fear, and sin, to name a few, are a signal that we need more. But often, what we reach for leads us further away from the heavenly supply. We were made to thrive and not allow the troubles of this life to deplete us.

Look at the signs in your life and ask for the rain to fall upon your withering heart. Ask for the Holy Spirit to help you realize that He has given you all you need to be stress-free. We can live thriving encouraged lives, but we have to receive the showers the Lord has provided. Open the Word of God and be rained on. Open the prayer closet and sit alone with your heart meeting God's heart, and be showered on. Open your heart, sit with vulnerability before the Great I am, and be filled with the strength to be thriving.

Today in the Workplace

Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you.

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