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Being Exposed

May he judge your people in righteousness, your afflicted ones with justice. Psalm 72:2

The Lord is the righteous judge. He can examine the motives of men's hearts. He can see through the action and know the why. And the Psalmist was declaring that the proper steps be determined.

As we think of our actions before the Lord, it may be too surreal to process. For some of us, we may bury the motive because we don't have any desire or fear of being vulnerable. It may be challenging to be so authentic even to ourselves to uncover the explanation of our heart.

Thankfully God is the One given the task of judging our hearts. He is the One who can see the reason why we respond as we do. But God is also there to give us the strength to answer in righteousness. He is there, prompting us to go beyond the flesh and live in the Spirit. God is after the heart because we can change our actions and still have a hard heart. The heart is where our most authentic self is made. Allow God to be the master of the heart. What is the why behind your actions today?

Today in the Workplace

Will you allow your heart to be authentic?

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