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Be in the Light

May God arise, may his enemies be scattered; may his foes flee before him. Psalm 68:1

Imagine with me, as the Psalmist believes that God will rise among the enemies, and they will flee. Believe, with David, that the enemies are not greater than our God. He isn't even intimated or fearful of the unsurmountable attacks against the nations. He is very aware of His foes that have come against us and all those around us. God isn't left in the dark when it comes to the enemy; he isn't surprised.

But what is he saying to us as the days seem to be darker? Have we quieted ourselves long enough to hear? Could it be God is saying, remain in Me, or stay quiet until we hear from Him? In a hostile place fighting back may not be the answer, but peace puts out the flames of darkness. Love brings Light into any and every situation of life.

Light dispels the darkness. One truth about peace is we don't always have to be the One that wins every argument or disagreement. We don't have to be one that is known by everyone as needing to be ways right. Maybe the enemy God is trying to scatter is the pride in our hearts or the need to be heard and understood as my ideals are the right way. Is God trying to silence the foes in our souls?

Today in the Workplace

Do you feel the need always to be, right?

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