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Fear More God

May God bless us still, so that all the ends of the earth will fear him. Psalm 67:7

Imagine the ends of the earth fearing the pleasure of the Lord. Close your eyes and imagine a world where people sought the Lord for their guidance in life. They loved and knew they could trust God's heart for their life's provision. They understood God had their absolute best in mind. They took God at His Word and walked in His promises.

We are the witnesses to God's great glory! And we are blessed beyond measure. The blessings of God are all around us. However, they may not be noticed if we look into the world and try to find them. The benefits are found when we look into the world and see God is there. He is with us through all the battles and struggles of life.

Our role is to fear him instead of fearing man. May God bless us still is the psalmist plea- during the chaos. The greatest blessing we may find ourselves needing is the desire and hunger to turn towards God and seek Him. May an awakening fall upon us to see that our greatest need is daily divine intervention. We can't wait any longer and can't blame anyone else for the lack of God's fear over the nations. It really begins with us. Will we turn towards the blessings of God and spread His news among the nations.

Today in the Workplace

Who will you fear?

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