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Finding Favor

This will please the Lord more than an ox, more than a bull with its horns and hooves. Psalm 69:31

What will please the Lord more than sacrifice? What pleases the Lord? Don't we all want to bring pleasure to the Lord? Don't we all have in our hearts a desire to bring honor to the Lord? Tell us, David, what is it that our Lord desires. The answer is simple a heart that brings praise and thankfulness.

God is more interested in our hearts than our actions. He desires a heart that loves Him and is motivated by our love. Many will try and please God by their outward actions but have a heart filled with hardness. Many will try and do all the right things but still live in hate and anger against their neighbor.

First, take care of the heart allow the heart to fill up with the love God has for you. When we take the time to care for the inward man, our outward actions will be true. We no longer will try and earn the favor of the Lord but be filled with the love of God. How's your heart today? Do you lead with love, or do you use people to accomplish your goals? Do you try and earn favor with God and others by your actions but have motives far from love. Today is the day to allow your heart to find what its been looking for. Come to God just as you be true about the condition of your heart and ask God to heal your heart.

Today in the Workplace

Will you be true?

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