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Growing Old

Do not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone. Psalm 71:9

Even in his growing age, the Psalmist needed God's assurance racing through his heart. Even at his age, he desired God to be filling his heart and mind with His love and grace. His hunger always remained with God even though his body was failing— God doesn't forsake.

Age tends to rob our strength, but it can't take away the loving heart of God pouring into us daily. Thinking of growing old can rob us of our current joy, but as age increases, so does grace. The strength God provides in each season of life gives us the courage to face the day. Age isn't a factor for a prayerful heart with God. God pours His amazing grace in each day and brings His perspective on our season of life. Enjoy today; for tomorrow, there will be a new sunrise.

John Wesley said, "What I would be afraid of if I took any thought for tomorrow, is that my body might weigh down my mind and create either stubbornness through the decrease of my understanding, or peevishness by the increase of bodily infirmities; but 'Thou shalt answer for me, O Lord, my God."

Today in the Workplace

Ask God to show His perspective on your season of life.

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