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Hope Filled Days

For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord, my confidence since my youth. Psalm 71:5

The Psalmist found his confidence in the Sovereign Lord. He is convinced of the hope God could provide ever since his youth. Even as a child, the Psalmist trusted in the light God provided. He found his security in what God has shown.

Hopelessness fills many people's hearts today, and faith becomes abandoned. Hope brings inspiration for tomorrow's dreams. God is our source of hope, and without His perspective, expectations for a more excellent tomorrow will fade, and the shadows of doubt begin to sink in our minds. Like the Psalmist, it is in this place our heart needs to be reminded of our source of hope.

What is our source for a greater tomorrow? If the expectation for a greater tomorrow is what we see or feel, we may soon become despairing. The source of our hope is in a relationship that is tied to His hope for our day. Our confidence to live in hope is in the Sovereign Lord. We can start a new day resting in His arms of care which offers us a hope-filled day.

Today in the Workplace

Will you rest today in His arms.

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