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In the Lord

In you, Lord, I have taken refuge; let me never be put to shame. Psalm 71:1

In the Lord, the psalmist calls out-in the Lord is where he found refuge. His request was simple, Lord, let me not be put to shame. The place of refuge is where the Psalmist found his shameless faith. He stepped into his circumstances, knowing that faith is in God. He called out that God would never shame him for trusting in Him.

God is who we step into every day of our lives. God is the place in our heart and mind where faith becomes more than a building or good thought but our refuge. God is inviting us into an all-day-long faith relationship. The problem arises when the world calls out for us to put our trust in things seen. The things our senses and mind can grasp become the competition for our refuge.

Take a minute and ask yourself where you put your faith? Could it be in what you can feel, see or touch? Faith is in the substance of things unseen. But often, this doesn’t make sense because it doesn’t reason with our common sense. Like David, could we today call out and say in you, Lord. In you, Lord, I find my safe and secure place.

Today in the Workplace

Please take a minute and call out to the One who is unseen but our safe place.

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