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Let Us Tell

My tongue will tell of your righteous acts all day long, for those who wanted to harm have been put to shame and confusion. Psalm 71:24

Again the Psalmist opens his mouth, but this time the duration is all day long. He tells of the exemplary acts of God around him. His eyes and heart are open to see what God is doing. The rightness of God is living in his heart, and it spills out of his mouth. He sees his enemies have no hold on his life because they are confused and filled with shame.

What do we see God doing? Are we able to open our eyes and recognize the acts of God around us? Imagine slowing down long enough in our thoughts to hear God speaking. Imagine being able to have our heart softened long enough to see God work around us. You may already live in this privilege of having the eyes of your heart open. Praise the Lord.

Many of us already are seeing and recognizing his work but are we telling others? The next step in our faith is to see what God is doing and not hesitate to proclaim his work. Too much credit is given to other sources other than God for His creation. Isn't it time to stand and give credit where credit is due? When we see a work of God among us, let us not keep it for ourselves; let us tell.

Today in the Workplace

Who can you tell today?

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