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Living Beyond the Ordinary

the children of his servants will inherit it, and those who love his name will dwell there. Psalm 69:36

God was giving the land back that was overcome by the surrounding enemies. The land was being restored to His people, and those who love Him will dwell there. They will inherit the land and be surrounded by the presence of the Lord.

Those who love Him will dwell there—consumed in the presence of the Lord. Imagine living daily with a heart that is assured of the constant presence of the Lord. A place in our heart that isn't attached and fulfilled by the pleasures of our eyes but content with the joy of the Lord.

As servants of the Lord, we have the constant assurance of His presence lingering in our hearts. God's constant presence will give us the confidence to live as children of God in all His riches. We are blessed to have His constant dwelling and assurance—there is no more extraordinary companion we can seek than God. He will give us strength to be overcomers amid the darkness that may and try to overtake us. We can live beyond the ordinary by living in His assurance.

Today in the workplace

Are you living beyond the ordinary? Seek God

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