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Making Decisions

Endow the king with your justice, O God the royal son with your righteousness. Psalm 72:1

Now Solomon, the son of David, has a voice and needs the Lord's advice. He needs the Lord to cover him with righteousness. To lead, Solomon knew the need for justice and righteousness. Making the right choices and leading with justice was the heart of Solomon in his workplace.

Imagine, like Solomon, the ability to lead with justice and righteousness from the throne room of God. Today is the day we will have to make all kinds of decisions. Many choices will be in our daily life. Like Solomon, we need to make the right ones.

The righteousness of God is there for all of us. He provides us with wisdom and discernment as His free gifts of grace. When we seek Him, there is an opportunity to hear from Him. He puts His rightness in us, and now we lean into His understanding for the direction of our choices. What will we do with the decisions that are before us today? Trust in the Lord with the options before you; otherwise, the world will make them for you.

Today in the Workplace

How will you make a decision today?

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