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Dependent on God

My salvation and my honor depend on God; he is my mighty rock, my refuge. Psalm 62:7

David is dependent upon what victories God is providing. He walked through the fiery trials knowing God as his rock and refuge, which led to victory. The triumph begins in David’s heart and mind. David first recognized that success was a matter of the heart, and his honor was found in God.

Can you imagine walking through life, relying on God for our honor? David walked, dependent on God for the outcome of his efforts. Calling God our mighty rock means we let go of everything else we may be clinging to as our source of strength, even our ego. Often we adhere to our pride for our strength and courage to face life’s daily struggles. We battle within trying to find the right tools and power to combat what’s coming against our ego.

Unlike David, his inward battle is won because of the strength of who God is. David clung to the power of God to overcome and knew Him as Victor and Refuge. He could hide in the high power of God to defeat his enemies. He didn’t cower but stood courageously through life, hidden in the knowledge of God’s overwhelming strength. His faith was placed in the Rock.

Today in the Workplace

Where is your faith?

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