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Pleasurable Living

Charge them with crime upon crime; do not let them share in your salvation. Psalm 69:27

Left to our sin and rebellious way, evil will continue to be the motive behind our hearts. David was asking God to let them fall into their practices. The hope for such an action will bring revelation of their consequences -bringing them to see their need for God.

Wonder as the prodigal's father gave his son's inheritance before its due time knew the outcome? The son ran with his stash and ended up living a life of pleasure. He spent it loosely on whatever his flesh desired, only to end up destitute -only to find his enjoyable living ending in poverty. The once sensual son taking part in whatever makes him feel good ended in poverty, loneliness, and fear. He began to wonder about his pleasurable living –he had to come to an end of his whatever feels good do-it philosophy.

Often we have to experience the depths of our pride before humility enters. God is there waiting for us when awakened to our depths of sin. But for some, they have to run far away in their pleasure and ways until they find themselves needing God. It could be today it's time to run home and find that the true satisfaction of life can't be found in the pleasures and material gain of this world but only living in the Lord. What will it take?

Today in the Workplace

Pray for the prodigal

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