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Praise on Monday

May the peoples praise you, God; may all the peoples praise you. Psalm 67:5

Again the Psalmist brings us back to the place of praise, the area in our heart where we find assurance. Praise raises our confidence in the Lord and all He has to offer. Praise gives us perspective beyond our natural reasoning and understanding. May all of us together praise His name!

Do we have to praise on Monday? Does God not know that Monday, for most, is the most challenging day of the week? This is the day, for most, where life's routine begins, and we are reminded of the mundane and purposeless living. But wait, let this Monday become the most purposeful day of the weak because we start the routine this time with intentional praise, where praise awakens the atmosphere to a whole new dimension of purpose.

Don't miss out on another day of purpose-filled living. A day where we acknowledge who is in control and the presence of God is where we find purpose. A day of finding purpose beyond ourselves. Come on friends, let us step out of the ordinary this year and worship the God of the universe who can change our perspective – God is anything but ordinary.

Today in the Workplace

Are you living in the ordinary- then Praise !!

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