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Remodeling Your Home

May their place be deserted; let there be no one to dwell in their tents. Psalm 69:25

Jesus quoted these words Look, your house is left to you desolate. Mt 23:38. When God isn't welcomed in the dwelling, that is precisely what happens –misery and emptiness. The house that isn't built on God may feel complete with all the niceties of life, but the foundation is weak. The void of God in the house will lead to the erosion of society.

It is one thing to attend a worship service on Sunday and experience a Spirit-filled moment, but a whole different matter what happens in the home. The same Spirit that filled the heart at church is the same Spirit that desires to come and invade the home. The house is where many decisions are made, and often the mask portrayed to society fades. The home is where the heart is usually bare, and pain expels.

Friends let our homes be filled with the Light, allow the windows to be opened, and allow the Spirit of God to reign. When building a solid foundation for our homes, we now start with Biblical principles and truths. Allow the Word of God to be the pages of truth we seek and restore our families to health and truth. May the Word of God bring healing to your families and allow his truths to be the stable force against the world. May His Spirit breathe in an irresistible urge to stand on God's solid foundation before the decay of the world erodes.

Today in the World

Pray for your families

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