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Returning to Praise

I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving. Psalm 69:30

The Psalmist, amid all his persecutions, returns to praising the name of God. There is no more famous name to be praised and honored than the name of the Lord. He didn't wait for his situation to change before the praise began – right in the center of troubles he praises.

Praise is a difficult lesson to learn. It makes more sense to praise when all of life is going as planned, but it's not common to be thankful when interruptions come. We have to practice returning to praise; it's far from our natural response. We have to overcome being discouraged with praise. We awaken a new perspective when we return to praise.

Right now, amid any troubling situation that lays heavily upon you—shout out praise. Start with all you have to be thankful for even in the trials. Then when the troubles keep arising, allow praise to commence. Keep returning to thankfulness instead of living consumed with your situation.

Today in the Workplace

Return to praise

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