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Riding on the Clouds

Sing to God, sing in praise of his name, extol him who rides on the clouds; rejoice before him—his name is the Lord. Psalm 68:4

Doesn't it sound ridiculous to sing in times of turmoil? Why would anyone in their right mind break out in praise during times of hardship? Why would anyone sing songs of joy when people are hurting and hating each other? When praise is seen as circumstantial, it will make sense when troubles subside, and when problems cease, we praise.

But what if praise wasn't a matter of joyous life but a matter of the heart? What if praise was the answer to the heart anguish amid suffering? Praise initiates our faith and opens our hearts to see, just like the Psalmist, that God is the One above all evil forces. He is the One riding on the clouds bringing forth the victory first in our hearts. When praise begins to spill, our heart becomes softened and encouraged despite the outward appearance of trouble. We start to see through the eyes of the Lord, peace that reigns above our understanding.

Calling out to God through song does something unimaginable to the sinking heart. Singing turns a dark day into a day of peaking through the clouds to see the Light. Troubles will always be there; we can count on it, but seeing them through the Lord brings hope. Praising turns our allegiance to the Lord's will over our life as we humbly submit to His Power. Praise isn't ridiculous; it is precisely what is needed before the heart becomes hardened. Do you see the Lord riding on the clouds?

Today in the Workplace

Burst forth in song and enjoy life

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