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Seeking to Win

My lips will shout for joy when I sing praise to you— I whom you have delivered. Psalm 71:23

My lips will shout for joy, exclaims the Psalmist. He chooses his lips to sing and praise. He permits his mouth to open up and bring praise. Does he really have a choice of what he allows out of his mouth? And why would he choose joy of all things? Of course, we all have a choice of what words we allow to stumble out of our mouths. For the Psalmist, his is joy – he is led to the place of deliverance.

Often we wait for the victory before we sing the praises. But the deliverance could be the singing and praising. Sometimes we are so caught up in the troubles that we sulk in our situation. We can become overwhelmed and overcome and feel pressed down. The perspective of our situation may seem hopeless.

But when we begin to praise and shout for joy it opens up our hearts to seek freedom. Turning to God gives us a heavenly perspective. A whole new way of perceiving the outlook of life. Turn your situation into an opportunity for deliverance seek God in praise. Direct your attention to the One who has overcome and can bring you into wholeness. It is always a good time to shout out for joy.

Today in the Workplace

The victory could be today…praise Him!

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