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The Harvest is in You

The land yields its harvest; God, our God, blesses us. Psalm 67:6

God blesses us beyond our understanding, for He gives beyond what we know. We have His Word that is filled with the promises that He has declared over our lives. The Word this year desires to make its presence known in our life. It is simple- we take God at His Word, and then we walk in it regardless of what we see.

Many have heard the Word for years, but has it taken root and made a harvest in our lives? Has the Word of God taken hold and determined the way we do life? Has the Word grown up in us and become the director of our steps. Has the harvest of God's promises manifested in your life?

Or have we chosen to make the world our compass for life? Has the Word of the World taken hold and is currently leading our footsteps through life? Listening to the Word of God will bring a harvest of hope to our hearts. The Word of God will uproot the world's words, so friends, what word is taking harvest in your heart? We get to choose what takes root, so let the Word of God and His promises have their way in your heart.

Today in the Workplace

Today is the day of harvest; let it be the Word of God that takes root.

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