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The Way of the Light

their eyes be darkened so they cannot see, and their backs be bent forever. Psalm 69:23

This verse continues David's rant before God for his enemies. There is no mercy prayed in this verse, only that their consequences would become a reality. He was hoping that their eyes would see the darkness behind the activities they promoted. Unfortunately, they loved the darkness more than the Light.

We live in a similar time – where the love of darkness has invaded and blinded the mind and heart to any vision of Light. Some people have endorsed the darkness as a way of life and promoted others to do the same. We have accepted that happiness is found in pleasure, and now we find truth in a feeling. Darkness surrounds the fight for the Word of God to become the Light. The Word of God has become too much like accountability for our actions, so we have redefined its meaning.

However, the Light has dawned, and a new day has begun. The day of allowing the Word to be a lamp unto our feet. A day where the Word of God directs our reasoning and our feet march on in its grace. Our faith is grounded deep in the living water found in the drinks of truth God pours into our soul. Take in the sweet taste the Word provides and allow faith to be renewed. If we are not in the Word, there is another word living in us.

Today in the Workplace

Are your eyes open to the Light?

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