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Thinking About God

But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful. Psalm 68:3

We have every reason to be happy and joyful, so may we stop and rejoice in every situation. May our current life situation bring us humbly to a place of praise. Rejoicing may seem so contrary to how we feel. It could be we are missing out on a joyful season because we are waiting to praise.

Why would we wait to be joy-filled? Could it be we are waiting for the right situation to lift our song towards heaven? But what would that perfect circumstance look like, feel like? What if the problem was far from perfect, but we stood in it and praised the Lord?

The Psalmist sees the righteous being happy and joyful. What if we developed new habits this year- the kind that will transform our hearts. Rejoicing before God allows access for our hearts to be changed. Rejoicing changes the atmosphere and ignites the heart to be glad. Try it – Take any situation you may have and put the Lord in the center. Then begin praising God for who He is while standing in your trial. He may not change your problem, but praise changes us through it. Could it be God desires to change our hearts into grateful praising hearts? Praise energizes the soul to begin to think about God in all of our situations.

Today in the Workplace

Where is your thinking leading you?

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